Has it been this long?

Man … I didn’t realize I had been so busy until I looked and saw that my last post was for TEMC 2018. Since then a ton has changed. TDEM is becoming an agency under the TAMUS umbrella Sept 1st 2019 officially, and the move that such a split from a great organization like Texas DPS entails is large and complex.

I intend to keep this more up to date as I discuss what’s going on in the word of Operations Technology for Emergency Management. I have been learning that some of the things that we do are trend setting, such as ETN for evacuation/sheltering/transport/repopulation, and we are also set to deploy a portal soon.

Stay tuned for more information. I intend to keep this up and do at least a weekly post with all of the new things that are happening. Keep this in mind: Jurisdictional ID, and how it will morph for preparedness and response needs to a different defined capability for recovery and mitigation. 🙂